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We do A LOT of special orders! Most companies we work with will allow us to order items we are either sold out of or don't have. Please inquire if you have a special order request and we will do our best to get it for you.

★  Made in USA — we make an effort to support companies that have their merchandise made in USA.

Items listed below are only a small selection of what we carry at Susanna. If you have a question about a line that isn’t listed here, please contact us.

The list below was updated January 2017

  • Angie
  • Anne Koplik Jewelry
  • Aris A by Shennel
  • Ayala Bar Jewelry
  • Chalet
  • Clara Beau Jewelry
  • CMC & Click
  • Comfy USA
  • Cut Loose
  • Deborah Parker
  • Effie's Heart
  • Et Lois
  • Flutter and Squeak
  • Habitat
  • Heartstrings by Kleen
  • iCantoo
  • Joy Accessories
  • La Cera New York
  • Last Tango
  • Liverpool Jeans
  • M. Rena
  • Margarita Jewelry
  • Marjorie Baer Jewelry
  • Match Point
  • Nally + Millie
  • Niche
  • Pink Wheels
  • Rag Poets
  • Salaam
  • SnoSkins
  • Softworks
  • Sympli The Best
  • Tianello
  • URU
  • Viereck
  • Yala
  • Z Supply